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  • PVC interior panels

    A simple, quick and inexpensive way to change the interior of your house in one day

  • PVC interior panels

    Plastic (PVC sheet) is absolutely not afraid of moisture and is absolutely safe in operation

  • PVC interior panels

    A variety of textures and styles of our panels allows you to hide wall defects and transform any room

PVC sheet

This is a simple, quick and inexpensive way to change the interior of your room in one day without any dirt and dust. This is because to do the job you'll only need the panels and the glue to fix them.

Where can the
panels be used?

Nearly everywhere! For interior finishing of corridors and hallways, bathrooms and toilets, living rooms and bedrooms, balconies and loggias. It is possible to combine different panels.

Plastic (PVC sheet)
which is used to make the panels

It is a modern, strong, durable and flame-resistant (category B) material, which is absolutely moisture-proof and safe in use.

Large selection of textures and styles

Our company

PVC panels by Grace are one of the best options of interior decoration in terms of price/quality ratio. The advantages of our products are due to a competent choice of formulation and a balanced approach to the selection of high quality additives.

Since its establishment, Grace has been trying to supply products which will satisfy the most demanding customers. We offer a very rich selection of panel decors, so our PVC panels can be used not only for homes but also for offices, where they create a comfortable business-like environment.

New arrivals

Panel "Americano" in chapter "Tile"


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